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Activities and Forward Programme

SAGTA's activities include:


Since its formation, SAGTA has held a regular programme of Member's meetings and associated workshops which number nearly 80 topics of our more recent workshops and Position Papers summarising the issues developed at many of these and previous events are included in our SAGTA's Reports Page.

SAGTA’s collaborative April 2018 Workshop with the Environment Agency: Guiding Principles for Land Contamination: Lessons and Approaches for a Second Generation and Beyond

SAGTA, in collaboration with the Environment Agency, convened a Guiding Principles workshop on 25th April 2018 at the Agency’s offices in York. The workshop was attended by a cross-section of representatives from regulators, industry and consultancy that included participants from both the nuclear and non-nuclear sectors and regulators from all four UK jurisdictions. A wide ranging programme of presentations provided perspectives about the original Guiding Principles documents, regulatory drivers, local authority views on potential for going forward, and nuclear sector ways of working.

• Workshop aims and objectives. Click here

• Workshop presentations can be found below:

The many and various issues raised during a well received and valuable day are now being considered.

SAGTA’s March 2017 Workshop: Brexit and our Environmental Regimes Going Forward – Industry Perspectives

In March 2017, SAGTA held a cross sectoral workshop, kindly hosted by NHBC, to consider issues associated with the upcoming Brexit activities.

SAGTA’s February 2016 Workshop: A National Quality Mark Scheme: How can it work for landholders’ benefit?

SAGTA has collaborated with CL:AIRE to organise a February 2016 workshop on the proposed Land Forum National Quality Mark Scheme.

• SAGTA’s Aims and Objectives for the Workshop – Click here

• Workshop presentations:

National Quality Mark Scheme:
The National Quality Mark Scheme web page can be found at: Click here


SAGTA is providing the project lead and central coordination to the next phase of C4SL development. Joined by SoBRA, in committing funds to resourcing the project, current plans are to consider a further 20 substances.

Following the completion of a number of preliminary preparatory projects, the project has been in full progress for over a year.
For a summary of progress up to 31st December 2018. Click here.

SAGTA announces expert team tasked to complete phase 2 Category 4 Screening Values

For SAGTA’s Press Release announcement of its expert team – Click here

Project Steering Group

Hannah White from National Grid Property is the Steering Group’s Chairman.

C4SL Toxicologists

Notifications have been widely issued to the sector to invite toxicological practitioners to participate in the project.

Two categories of practitioner are defined:

Tier 1 Toxicologist – click here

Tier 2 Toxicologist – click here



SAGTA’s plans for potential topics for 2018 and 2019 include:


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