The Authoritative Voice of Contaminated Land Management from a Landholder's Perspective

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Activities and Forward Programme

SAGTA's activities include:


Since its formation, SAGTA has held a regular programme of Member's meetings and associated workshops which number over 70. Topics of our more recent workshops and Position Papers summarising the issues developed at many of these and previous events are included in our SAGTA's Reports Page.

SAGTA’s February 2016 Workshop: A National Quality Mark Scheme: How can it work for landholders’ benefit?

SAGTA has collaborated with CL:AIRE to organise a February 2016 workshop on the proposed Land Forum National Quality Mark Scheme.

• SAGTA’s Aims and Objectives for the Workshop – Click here

• Workshop presentations:

National Quality Mark Scheme:
The National Quality Mark Scheme web page can be found at: Click here


SAGTA to support next phase of C4SL development

SAGTA has announced its intention to support the next phase of C4SL development and has written to a number of organisations inviting them to join a Steering Group in order to provide oversight to the initiative.

For its part, in order to move the initiative on, SAGTA has committed to providing funding and a coordination role SAGTA representative, Dr Richard Boyle to be the intended Chair of the Steering Group.

SAGTA plans to continue its series of Seminars and Workshops for its Members. Recent topics include:

Plans for topics for 2016 include:

SAGTA has also commenced Member mini workshops on key issues together with regular meetings with national regulators and policy makers.

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