The Authoritative Voice of Contaminated Land Management from a Landholder's Perspective

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The Soil and Groundwater Technology Association (SAGTA) is a not-for-profit association of member organisations drawn from UK companies representing many major land holding sectors. Its members actively address challenges associated with the ownership and management of contaminated operational land and brownfield development sites. Building on more than a decade of experience SAGTA is the authoritative voice of contaminated land from a land holder’s perspective. SAGTA represents landholders on the Brownfield Forum, an essential opportunity for joint government, regulator and industry stakeholder discussions.

SAGTA members recognise that contaminated land is too complex an area for individual organisations to work optimally. SAGTA therefore provides a dynamic environment for sharing technical knowledge and experience between organisations in confidence. Through networking, co-operation with other stakeholder groups, and consultation, SAGTA works responsibly to secure practical progress in line with the needs of its membership.

SAGTA actively encourages and supports the advancement of best practice in site investigation, risk assessment and the application of remedial technologies, as well as industry oriented science-based research. It anticipates and interprets changes in policy and legislation in areas such as Part 2A of the Environmental Protection Act, and other legislation on industrially contaminated land; groundwater, waste and planning legislation; and impacts on operational practices such as Environmental Permitting. SAGTA conducts regular dialogue with representatives from the policy makers, environmental agencies and local authorities to facilitate a common understanding of policy and regulatory issues.

As the sustainability agenda unfolds, the understanding of how to balance cost and the protection of human health and the environment is increasingly complex and critical. SAGTA is ideally placed to interpret what the emerging sustainability agenda means for risk based contaminated land management, and to identify opportunities and risks.

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