The Authoritative Voice of Contaminated Land Management from a Land Holder's Perspective

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Researcher Proposals Assessment Proforma

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1. Evaluation: Potential Economic, Industrial and Environmental Benefits

Is the industrial problem clearly described, and are the technical objectives clearly specified and verifiable?
Is the case for Government funding developed?
Does the proposal demonstrate environmental benefits?
What is the strategic importance of the research to industry?
What are the potential cost-benefits of the research?

Technical Aspects

Is the state of the art adequately reported and does the proposal clearly establish the baseline and how the research will advance the state of the art?
Is the technical research programme clearly described and well structured?
Is the technical approach / scientific method adequately justified?
Is there meaningful technical collaboration between partners?
What is the novelty / originality of the research?
What is the level of technical innovation?
Are the technical risks fully considered, and are realistic solutions proposed?

Project Management Aspects

Are the proposed management structures adequate? Is the proposed management team sufficiently experienced?
Is the project scheduling sensible?
Is the allocation of manpower to research tasks sensible in terms of balance and competence to do research?
Is there adequate justification of requests for funding?

Credibility and Competence of Consortium

Is the role of individual partners adequately described and does the consortium collectively have the technical expertise and experience necessary to successfully carry out the research?
Does the consortium have the correct structure in order to develop the technology?

2.    General Comments

Please give any particular comments relating to the above scores, and the following general criteria:

3.    Overall Recommendation


The proposal should be supported


The proposal should not be supported


The proposal could be supported if the following issues were dealt with satisfactorily:



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