The Authoritative Voice of Contaminated Land Management from a Land Holder's Perspective

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Guidelines for Researchers: Submissions of Proposals to the Organisation

1.  SAGTA wishes to be actively involved in encouraging the well focused development of UK research in contaminated land which takes into account the problem holder's perspective. This extends to a positive welcome for receipt of information on initiatives and proposals for research projects from the research community which may gain an endorsement of support from SAGTA. (See our Watchpoint below)

2.  From certain submissions so far received, SAGTA has identified a wide variation in the quality and content in various research proposals.

3.  Given SAGTA's desire to be proactive in supporting high quality proposals, SAGTA wishes to encourage researchers to provide appropriate information which may then allow meaningful evaluation of the submission.

4.  Research funders, to whom proposals may ultimately be submitted, may have specific requirements. SAGTA has identified the following headings as important to the process of any evaluation:

Context of Research





Support from SAGTA

5.  For researchers' further information, the attached assessment form indicates a suggested framework which members of SAGTA may use to assess proposals which come to its notice.

6.  Researchers who submit their proposals for review and endorsement by SAGTA are reminded that such endorsement will not normally be accompanied by the commitment of SAGTA funding for the research.

7.  SAGTA will endeavour to inform proposers of its reasons for not supporting proposals.


A number of research applications received by SAGTA have incorporated inferences that SAGTA support has been gained as part of the proposal when no such commitment has been given. This has been of concern to SAGTA, particularly when certain submissions have been received after the formal issue of the proposal to research funders. SAGTA is concerned that any such situation does not occur in order to ensure that:

  1. SAGTA's interest in a proposal or otherwise is not misrepresented; and

  2. such proposals which SAGTA feels are worthy of specific support are properly identified.

When SAGTA intends to endorse a proposal, this will normally be provided in the form of a confirmatory letter to this effect. SAGTA anticipates this correspondence would then be attached to the proposal as part of any relevant application.



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